Dan-yr-Ogof – National Showcaves Centre for Wales Travel Guide

The National Showcaves Centre offers visitors a wealth of fun and attractions, with stunning caves, forests full of dinosaurs, and an Iron Age village. The centre is set in the stunning landscape of the Brecon Beacons National Park, and is within easy reach of Swansea and south Wales coast. With natural beauty, unexpected delights, and fascinating history, Dan-yr-Ogof is the perfect destination for a family holiday in south Wales.

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Why Visit Dan-yr-Ogof?

The Dan-yr-Ogof cave system stretches for over 11 miles beneath the stunning countryside of south Wales, and was first discovered in 1912 by three local brothers. What they found would turn out to be one of the largest cave complexes in Europe, and is today one of the country’s most popular tourist attractions.

As well as the stunning caves, above ground you’ll find the world’s largest collection of life-sized dinosaur models, as well as a recreated Iron Age village, stone circles, a Shire horse centre, and more. It’s the perfect destination for a family day out, with plenty to keep both children and adults entertained and enthralled.

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Getting to Dan-yr-Ogof with DFDS

Getting There

The centre is just half an hour’s drive from Swansea, as well as being within easy distance of other great Welsh towns such as Merthyr Tydfil, Llanelli, and Brecon. 

Swansea can be reached by car from our port in Dover in around 4 hours, or from our Newcastle port you can drive to Brecon in around 5 hours, both within easy reach of Dan-yr-Ogof.

What to See in Dan-yr-Ogof

Dan-yr-Ogof features three caves open to the public, including Dan-yr-Ogof itself along with Cathedral Cave and Bone Cave. Each one offers a unique experience, from the entrance in the beautiful Dan-yr-Ogof with its fantastical rock formations, through to the Cathedral Cave with its cascading waterfalls and underground lakes, and finally the Bone Cave where the incredible discovery of 42 Bronze Age skeletons and other ancient remains were uncovered.

Bone Cave also features exhibits showing what life was like for the ancient inhabitants of the area, as well as the other cave-dwellers they lived alongside.

Above ground you can come face to face with over 200 life-size dinosaurs spread across the landscape, from the Tyrannosaurus Rex to the huge Brachiosaurus, in one of the world’s largest dinosaur parks.

There’s also the Shire horse centre and Mr Morgan’s Victorian Farm, where you can meet a whole host of animals including Shire horses, Shetland ponies, alpacas and llamas, as well as every farm animal you can think of, and some you probably can’t!

Nearby there’s also a recreated Iron Age farm, made using similar raw materials and techniques to those used thousands of years ago. You can see where villagers would have kept their animals and how they lived their everyday lives.

You can also visit the museum, which provides interactive exhibitions about dinosaurs and what happened to them, as well as further information about the cave system and what’s beyond the areas visited by the public.


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