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DFDS makes it easy to travel to the UK from Europe by ferry, offering the choice of four ports on the continent that allow you to explore the North and South of the British Isles. Once there you can discover everything the UK has to offer, from historic towns and imposing castles to ancient ruins and breathtaking landscapes. Whether you want a fun family adventure or a fantastic break with friends, our travel guides will give you endless inspiration for your holiday in Britain.

Travel Guides

From the Highlands of Scotland to the rolling hills of Wales, the UK offers a wealth of exciting destinations to choose from, and taking your car on holiday means you have easy access to all of them. What’s more, you’ll have no excess baggage charges and you can explore at your own pace, taking the stress out of travelling.

Our travel guides will give you all the information you need to start planning your trip, with top destinations in England, Scotland, and Wales.



With a long, world-changing history, England is home to some incredible sights and cultural treasures, from medieval castles to industrial mills.

Image credit: VisitBritain / James McCormick​



Scotland’s beauty is only matched by its culture and history, from the stunning mou​​​​ntains and lochs to elegant cities like Glasgow and Edinburgh.

Image credit: Nick Bramhall​​




Wales is home to stunning coastlines, rugged mountains, and green valleys, perfect for the outdoor enthusiast, or those wanting a peaceful break.​

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It’s always a proud moment when you’re recognised for your good work, we’re honoured to have been named as Europe's and the World’s Leading Ferry Operator in the 2015 World Travel Awards. We've won these awards for 5 years running.​​